Things to do in sarasota and sarasota day trips

Are you looking for things to do in Sarasota and Siesta Key? Come on a day trip excursion with local pick up points in Sarasota and Siesta Key.

Some of the day trips get booked up fast - we strongly advise you to choose and book your trip now. Our pick up points vary to suit the bookings made, we'll attempt to pick you up at your desired meeting place, if not it won't be far away, please view the Bookings page for further details.

Our goal is your enjoyment, when we arrive back at the drop off point we hope we see smiling faces.

things to do in sarasota

kayak trips sarasota

Kayak Tours

Coming soon Kayak Tours

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segway tours sarasota

Segway Tours

Coming soon on Sarasota Day Trips.

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bycicle tours sarasota

Bicycle Tours

Exciting bicycle tours coming soon.

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parasailing siesta key sarasota


Parasailing on Siesta Key - details coming soon.

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sarasota theaters

Sarasota Theaters

Coming Soon - details of Sarasota Theaters

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jet ski tours rentals siesta key sarasota

Jet Ski Excursions

Jet Ski excurions and tours coming soon..                           

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sarasota day trips

shopping trips from sarasota siesta key

Shopping Trips

International Plaza and Bay Street - The most distinctive shopping and dining destination of Florida's West Coast.

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key west day trips from sarasota siesta key

Day Trips

From Sarasota and Siesta Key we have full day trips visiting north of Tampa to the southernmost part of continental USA - Key West - come and join us, the day is suitable for vacationers and residents.

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theme park day trips from sarasota

Theme Parks

Fed up of the beaches? Let's swim with mermaids or visit Busch Gardens or the Orlando theme parks. We start in Sarasota and Siesta Key, let's have some fun.

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charter fishing sarasota

Charter Fishing

The Wild Mullet is possibly the most economical charter boat in the area - more fish for your $'s

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plane charter sarasota to key west

Fly to Key West or the Bahamas

Day trips to Key West or the Bahamas - max. 3 passengers

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excursions from sarasota siesta key


A superb way to see west Florida - enjoyable excursions available from Sarasota and Siesta Key for vacationers and residents alike.                           

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day trips sarasota siesta key 

All of our day trips are extremely popular

 winery day trips sarasota
 cabbage key cruise and meal from sarasota